What is Hebrew jewelry?


סיט - 72 צירופי הבורא, ע"ב שמות השם


Hebrew jewelry referred to  jewelry, Hebrew language engraved, or added with the Hebrew language’s letters, names, words, prayers and blessings. Most likely to be found as a part of  jewish style jewelry like star of david jewelry, evil eye, kabbalah jewelry, hamsa hand jewelry and more, in order to enhance jewish meaning and relevancy but especially in order to utilize the powerful Hebrew protecting essence.

The Hebrew Letters great power:

First, it is important to emphasise, the Hebrew we speak and write today in Israel is the same holy language the Hebrew bible “torah” “תורה” or the “first testament” was  originally written in, the very same holly letters was given to moses in the sinai mountain.According to the kabbalah (kabala) the Hebrew Letters are molecules and the blueprint from which the stuff of Creation is created, formed and made.  Each verb has built in its essence a nucleus and a root to plant and build. Each letter contains a spiritual power or energy signature emanating from the first primordial source of light, the Ein-Sof-Or. Each letter comes from the Creator to guide us to move back and forth toward the union between the “Creator” and the “Created.” This Creator’s movement is what animates all living beings in all Creation.



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Hebrew letters combinations are used for different purposes for example:

“סאל” – to increase livelihood and abundance energy

“עלמ”- to stop negative thoughts

“הקם”- against depression

“ההע”- free endless love

“ערי”- obtains certainty

“מהש” – increases health energy

“אלד” – protection against the evil eye and jealousy problems


Also different Hebrew prayers and blessings adding our jewelry assorted strong  powerful meanings:

“אנא בכח”-“ana becoach” : Regain control, put order in life’s chaos, and bring positive change.

“שיר למעלות”-“shir lamaalot” : A source of strength and protection from all evil

“תפילת הדרך”-“tefilat haderech”: Travelers prayer protects you on the way for a safe  journey

“אשרי האיש”-“ashrey hayeesh” : Blessing your hard work to be successful

“אשת חיל”-“eshet chayeel” : Praises, appreciates and strengthens  your hard working woman

“מודה אני מלפניך”-“mode ani milfanecha” : Deep appreciation of the creator helps to connect and derive energy from our faith

“שמע ישראל”-“shma israel” : A declaration of the most  fundamental hebrew faith

“ה’ רועי לא אחסר”-“adonai royee lo echsar” : For a stronger connection and protection from our creator




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