What is Evil Eye Jewelry?


The evil eye “ayin raha” is a mystical power which is believed to be caused by negative feelings, but mainly by an envy feelings or thoughts of one person towards another and is believed to have a negative effect on that person’s faith

According to the common belief , all kinds of disasters and illnesses are related to the evil eye and everyone is subject to be affected by it, especially successful, rich and beautiful people as well as infants, that’s the reason believers are careful not to brag about their success and are likely to hide their wealth and modestify beauty

In different cultures and also in Judaism, it is common to find amulets and charms, also prayers and ceremonies, as a protection against the evil eye


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:Evil eye jewelry

Popular amulets are:  an eye that looks back at the overlooking, light blue color, Hamsa hand with an eye in the palm, turquoise stones, red strings and more

It is most effective to wear evil eye protection in the form of jewelry, that way it is the closest to the body and could guard you everywhere you go and also appealing. At Jerusalem-jewelry.com  we carry large collection of beautiful evil eye necklaces, evil eye bracelets, evil eye rings and more,  handmade by Israeli designers in the holy land

Protect yourself and your loved ones from negative influences and look great at the same time… Help your family achieve happiness, health, good relationships, professional success and more, by giving a very well appreciated essential and unique gift


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