What is Hamsa jewelry?

The Hamsa hand is a Middle Eastern symbol that appears in Jewish and also Muslim cultures.”Hamsa” is actually the Arabic word for five, and this name is used by Israeli Jews and Arabian Muslims. The number five represents the fifth letter “Hei” of the Hebrew alphabet which represents one of the holy names of God. The Hebrew word “Hamesh” also stands for five and symbolizes the Five Books of the Torah. Other pronunciations for the symbol are Chamsa, Khamsa, “Hand of Miriam” in Jewish culture, “Hand of Fatima” in Muslim culture, “Hand of God” and “Hand of Friendship”.

The Hamsa hand is a protective sign. It brings luck, happiness, good fortune and health to its owner.

Jewish designs of the Hamsa show it with the fingers pointing upwards, towards the sky, to be used against the evil eye or downward to symbolize success and prosperity

Other Hamsa hand variations could be the use of the hand in its anatomically correct nature, with a thumb and four fingers. Other designs make use of the three middle fingers and thumbs on both ends. Often, there is a blue eye in the middle of the palm which its purpose is to look back at evil eyes and protect the owner from their envy and jealousy. This eye is called “the eye of god” or “all seeing eye”.


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Hamsa jewelry:

It is believed that the person wearing the Hamsa jewelry is able to prevent the evil eye and even send it back on to the person causing it. Evil eye creates negative effects on the lives of the person it is thrown upon, whether or not by intent. Generally, good luck, happiness, success in business, birth of a baby and on give rise to the evil eye. Friends, as well as strangers can create the evil eye consciously or unconsciously.


The Hamsa jewelry plays another very important role. It helps attract positive energies towards the wearer and helps improve his luck. People often wear the Hamsa jewelry to get a good job, to protect a child, when starting a new business, or when buying  a new home or to guard any other significant event. Hamsa jewelry acts as a good luck charm, bringing fortune and  happiness to the wearer.

Hamsa jewelry is mostly available  as Hamsa bracelet, Hamsa necklace, Hamsa pendants, and Hamsa rings, but it is also popular  in the form of wall blessings, keychains, fashion accessories  and more. You can buy hamsa  blessings  for your home, office or car for protection against the evil eye. Hamsa amulets and Hamsa jewelry also makes a very appreciated gift items for loved ones as they tell them how much you care for their well-being and happiness.


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