What is Star of David Jewelry?



The “Star of David” or “David Star” is called in Hebrew : “מגן דוד” which means  “the shield of David” , for acting as some kind of device that gave protection and strength to king David and believed to keep providing  that protection to whoever wears it.


Star of David  symbol is created by two Equilateral triangles placed on top of each other, creating 6 triangles connected around a Hexagonal.


According to the Hebrew bible and the wisdom of the kabbalah, king David carried  on his armor shield, the star sign, which gave him a very strong protection and great power. The sign power, magnified  by his strong faith,  helped him win strong enemies very easily, in the battle fields.


The Star of David is known and recognized as a very powerful jewish symbol all around the world and is associated with judaism for thousands of years,  first was discovered in archaeological diggings from the bronze age which is about 5000 years ago, as well as 2700 B.C in a jewish seal that was found in Sidon, also in diggings in few places in Israel on coins and  ancient synagogues from the second temple and on.



Star of David Jewelry:

Popularity for Star of David jewelry is steadily high around the world, among  jewish and non jewish who would like to connect to the strong roots and experience the great wisdom who created all of us.

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